Calgary, AB, Canada

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Custom Sacred Spirit Doll Workshop 

prices vary,  artist honorariums accepted for not for profits & schools

Take a journey of self discovery and personal healing and tap into the hidden messages from your soul .

Discover simple and easy solutions to staying in alignment with your true self. 

Spirit dolls are a powerful permission slip that will help guide you live a more authentic life!

Who says all those cards in your wallet

Mixed Media Dream Journals


Create your own personal dream journal with powerful words to shift your vibration to one that is in more alignment with your true self.

We will use acrylic paint, ink stamping, fun papers, images and premade paper face to create fun keepsake notebooks. Finish it off with an empowering quote of your choosing.

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Mother Earth Mixed Media


Class starts with a traditional Cree Métis Smudging Ceremony and intention setting. Discover how Creator provides us with abundance constantly if we allow it. Then learn how to create a beautiful work of art out of everyday household recyclables! These mixed media techniques are cheap and eco friendly. 

All ages and levels.

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Paintbrush Angels


Our angels are always around us guiding us gently from the other side. What message do they have for you? This special class will start with a traditional smudging ceremony, a angel card reading & a guided meditation to meet you angel(s). We will then get busy creating our winged being  on a old paintbrush. The day will end with a sharing circle.