Calgary, AB, Canada

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Shelley Rose May

Self-taught Mixed Media Artist

Shelley was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and grew up in the small village of Christopher Lake near P.A.  She is a member of Montreal Lake Cree Nation in Central Northern, Saskatchewan. Her mother comes from the Settee family and was born at what is now considered a Me'tis Historic Site - Fish Lake, which is located near Tweedsmuir, Saskatchewan. Shelley moved to Alberta with her family at the age of thirteen and has been living in Calgary for nearly 30 years. 

 Although Shelley has been living in Calgary for most of her life she still considers Christopher Lake the place that shaped who she is today. Christopher Lake is where she formed her beliefs about life and herself and  her connection to her Cree Métis culture, language and identity.

When her mother passed away 2016 and she was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer shortly after, Shelley began to question things. "It changed how I looked at my life and I realized I was not living up to my potential I was still playing a victim. I realized I had inter-generational trauma and I wanted let go of beliefs that were not serving me  and create new ones. I also realized my mom was my last connection to my Cree Métis culture and language which I loved. She spoke Cree and was all I had to hang on to in terms of my cultural identity. I knew I had to do something to keep our kids connected."

Since the passing of her mother Shelley has strived to heal herself and other through her art by shedding old beliefs and helping others remember the Truth of  who they are as spiritual beings. She has used her art to connect with her Métis and Cree identity and has also created art to help empower women to take control of their lives.

In 2017 Shelley entered an art contest and was one of three artists selected as the winner. As a result Shelley has become part of Diana Frost's Colouring It Forward family of indigenous artists. Colouring It Forward has released beautiful Indigenous holiday cards with Shelley's artwork gracing the cover of all of them. She has also had her work featured in the inside cover of Colouring It Forward 2018 Indigenous Art Calendar, Red Rising magazine, Dana da Ponte's online magazine and Colouring It Forward has just released an Indigenous Art & Wisdom Journal in which four of Shelley's art is featured in, one of which is on the cover. 

Shelley's art continues to grow in popularity and she is fast becoming recognized for the unique unsymmetrical female portraits and whimsical style she loves. 

Mixed Media Art

"I use hymn paper for my background and faces as a form of healing from inter-generational trauma and representing moving forward through forgiveness.

I can't change what happened to my grandmother at the residential school she attended in La Ronge, Saskatchewan. What I can do is help my ancestors and family heal through my own healing. "

Shelley Rose May

"Grandmother Bear" - Spirit Doll on Ceremonially harvested driftwood

"As far as I know Cree women made dolls out of buckskin as play toys for children  and to give as gifts to their European in-laws. I use dolls as permission slips to connect with our spiritual guides, helpers, ancestors and to act as powerful manifesting tools not unlike a vison board."

Shelley Rose May

"Strawberry Ceremony" Cedar Head Dolls, Angels & Little People

"I first started creating these small dolls for my children to help them feel safe and to serve as physical reminders that they have angels that want to help and support them. All they have to do is ask. When they are upset about something the visual doll prompts them to ask for support. Both my boys have some challenges and struggles with their memory so they will always need visuals to be successful in life. Hopefully knowing they have their spiritual team behind them will make their life somewhat easier." 

Shelley Rose May

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